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XGamerGX13 (5252)
Joined 2021-12-24
Hi, I’m XGamerGX13 I’m a pansexual non-binairy furry from the Netherlands. Pronouns: He/Him
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uh no in fun
0 ups, 7d
Pro tip: get a computer without a fan. The back will be the heatsink from now on, and you will never be able to run a program without burning a hole through your desk.
me and my gitar in Furries-stream
0 ups, 2w
Cool! I recently got mine to, its a Kramer striker 600ST from 1986
SHONKS in Furries-stream
0 ups, 3w
I HAVE THAT SHARK in Furries-stream
0 ups, 1mo
The big four in a bad vide, van halen in a good vide, RATM or creo in a neutral vibe and exilelord when i need to concentrate.