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My mother always used to say: The older you get, the better you get, unless you're a banana.
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nana and popo killing kirby in Smash_ultimate
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how is this hating?
No assist trophies, but this is entirely different from who I think is coming. in Smash_ultimate
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Henry stickmin can't be DLC! Sakurai himself said no anime characters!
avatar the last impostor in fun
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Water. Earth. Fire. Air.
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Crewmates attacked.

Only the Impostor, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he got ejected.

A hundred games passed and my brother and I discovered the new Impostor, an airbender named Lemon, and although his airbending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.

But I believe Lemon can save the world.
Fitness in Comics
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This is something i would do to cosplay as Elsa from frozen or something lol