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Joined 2022-03-01
Professional Jackass, Idiot, and GM. I am ambiamorous and Pansexual. Genderflud. face reveal at 150 follows.
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‚ú®HAMILTON ROLEPLAY‚ú® in Role_Play
0 ups, 23h
U: look, im not mad.
Untitled Image in Hentaiwithlimits2
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whats the ai called?
(note to VinnyGamer2011: I beg of you PLEASE do not interrupt the rp make a separate comment) Yuh another rp. in Role_Play
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U: interesting... *drinks from a hip-flask, and shoots a zombie* another one bites the dust... and another one gone, *shot* and another one gone, *shot* another one bites the dust.