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please get help in politics
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Ok thank you for actually being decent enough to admit your mistake, and I'm sorry
please get help in politics
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Wow, your the kinda guy who acts really masaginistic and wonders why no women wants you
Messed Up in politics
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Ok so I just wanna say that your not seeing the full story your seeing the one section that will satisfy your transphobia, first if your trans and trying to get into women's sports you have to been on estrogen for at least a year, so it will eliminate the natural strength you get from testosterone, so next time you wanna try to say something transphobic look up all the details so you don't seem like an idiot who only cares about himself, thank you and have a awful day
Transbian in fun
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Ok so my feelings for women have stayed the same since I was a kid but through out life, I have learned that I am also transgender and since my feelings of men, which is I don't like them, and my view on women are oooo yay, I still like women as a women and that's what lesbian is, the definition is WLW (women love women) and no my decisions are my decisions not just because I was love sick those people that change just for other people aren't actually trans and I have a really hard time getting people to know the difference, trans people are people who were born inside the wrong body and knew since they were little, now people who change just for others and not themselves are just cross dressers and possibly pedophiles in the future, no I'm not saying all crossdressers are pedos I'm saying the ones who change just for others are.
I ran out of space so I started building in the ocean in LGBTQ
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Can you join me