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But did they care last week? Last month? Last year?
Thank you for your comments. I'm not butt hurt in the least. I stand against nazis, white supremacists, slavery and so on down the line. But I am very opposed to trying to erase history. Even bad history. Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. What's happening now is right out of the book, "1984." If a municipality wants to take down a statue or rename a park, fine. But do it lawfully and hopefully put it in a museum so that this history, negative as it is, is never forgotten.
But did they care last week? Last month? Last year?
I don't see antifa as a specific race, nor do I care about ace. What gets me is all of the hypocrisy here. These people could have cared less when Obama was in office, but now that Trump is putting a halt to the progressive's playground, they are literally revolting. On a daily basis, they are collectively acting like a two year old having a conniption on the floor of a grocery store if they don't get their way. But, I definitely don't see this as a "black" problem or problem with any other individual race.