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baby crying in politics
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image tagged in trump upvote | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
... in politics
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The evil agenda of liberalism and homosexuality has taken its next step... in politics
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'However, homosexuality is a natural part of life, not everyone can be heterosexual. And making people feel guilty about natural feelings and urges doesn't solve the issue of ignorance and sexual frustration.'

I disagree strongly. Conversion therapy is a good solution to this problem

'when you say Traditional values, I assume that means you do not observe Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc.'

Incorrect. I celebrate Easter and Christmas, but only observe Halloween.
... in politics
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Ah yes, because holding any political views that differ to your own makes one mentally deficient.
The evil agenda of liberalism and homosexuality has taken its next step... in politics
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'Thank you.'

That . . . that wasn't a compliment m8.

'Also nice quick upvote you gave yourself there. You should really stop that.'


'I'm 84.'

Okay, now this is beginning to make some sense.

'Surprisingly, I'm not suffering from any mental health condition other then minor OCD and dyslexia.'

And boy does it show.

'I'm surprisingly fit for my age though'
'I'm sure you're just peachy.'

Whatever you want to tell yourself.

'They think, and rightly so, that the Catholic Church has done more harm than good. I'm certain that you can at least partially agree with that.'

Correct. The modern day Roman Catholic Church has lost its way.

'Just a guess, I would say you're probably Protestant or fall on the Protestant side of the denominations. But I could be wrong.'

I am a Traditional Christian. I attend mass at a Traditional Roman Catholic group named the Society of Saint Pius the Tenth (or the SSPX for short). However, I still support Orthodox Christians, Eastern Roman Catholics, and any other groups that respect the Traditional values of Christianity.

'Just statistically speaking, it's the Protestants who make the most fuss.'

Which is why it makes sense that I am not a Protestant.

'Christianity in and of itself is a bunch of Pagan Holidays all re-dressed to fit a coherent theme of Jesus and his teaches. Which may be one of the reasons why the religion is so problematic'

I disagree strongly, but okay. You do you.

'perhaps your faith had been tested at one point and you chose the religion that was thrust upon you.'

That is half correct. My faith was tested when I was younger, but I would not say that my religion was 'thrust upon' me.

'Whatever the case may be, I don't see evil here.'

I disagree strongly, but okay. You do you.