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Matrix Morpheus
Oh, I see. So, when someone calls you on your imprecise language, they're the ones who didn't understand...? Gotcha. Of course, since we're being precise, I could easily say that an infant DOES require constant connection to another human to survive....
Matrix Morpheus
It's not her body. There is another body, and another life, involved. And it is not a "parasite" as stupid, ignorant Leftists are now trying to foist onto an ignorant public. And no, I didn't say you said that.
Matrix Morpheus
No it's not. Take a month old infant, put it on the couch, and see how well it "survives on its own."
Matrix Morpheus
It's a very, very bad one. For analogies to work, they must be logically consistent with what is being analogized. A much better analogy would be "a vial of human semen and a separate vial of human eggs aren't going to form a human." Although not totally analogous, because mixing bricks and lumber STILL won't result in a house, but mixing eggs and semen probably will result in humans, at least you're working with the same concepts. And your argument..."it's not a fully formed human"...is also erroneous. An infant is not a "fully formed human." Neither is a toddler. Neither is an adolescent. Should we take them out back and shoot them...? The Leftist justifications fall apart. If Leftists would just say "yes, we're in favor of killing the unborn because we think they're a burden", then at least they'd be honest.
Matrix Morpheus
Again with your foolish, irrational, illogical "arguments." You keep making them, and they don't get any better with repitition. A pile of bricks and lumber is NEVER, unhindered, going to form itself into a house. A fetus, on the other hand, unhindred, will form itself into an autonomous, functioning human being, given time and care. Foolish, foolish Leftists.