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Good thought!
There is reason, logic, rationality, and individualism. Then there is emotionalism, irrationality, hysteria, and communal group think. Which do you prefer....?
Good thought!
What party is "conservatism"? It's not the Republicans, and it's certainly not the Leftists who have overthrown the Democrats.
Good thought!
Since conservatism values reason, logic, individualism, and rational thought, it's hard to imagine someone "disagreeing" with a genuine conservative on any issue of substance and have a point. After all...it is conservatism which encourages people to think for themselves in the first place, so the concept expressed here is a bit off.
Uncle Sam
One more time: if any person or group of people with control over the nuclear arsenal of the United States is seriously considering using them on US soil...they will be the last of your worries, because the situation will be absolute chaos and anarchy.