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Change My Mind in Christian-clean-meme
0 ups, 6d
No, no.

What I'm saying is that we can kinda sneak Jesus into memes. For example, instead of making a meme that's just a Bible verse, we can just make a meme with Jesus in it, because when unsaved people see a bible-verse meme, it's a total turn-off for them.
See, think about it: when you're trying to fall asleep, you look at something and remember something cringy you did as a kid, and you won't stop thinking about it, no matter what.
What I'm saying is that if we put Jesus into a non stuck up meme, people might start thinking about him more. IDK, just a thought. You get what I'm saying?
Would he just fly? in SCP
0 ups, 6d
He's so powerful he can transcend time and space.
I mean, the ending was lit, it's kinda disappointing that Henry died for literally nothing. in fnaf
0 ups, 6d
Well, we find out william Afton is still alive as Glitchtrap/Malhare, so Henry's epic 2 minute speech was all for nothing.
an original insult, i did not find this anywhere in rareinsults
0 ups, 2w
Oh, okay. Well, that jokes been around since 2011, so...