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DOJ in politics
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Make NO sense. His calmness is not an indicator of anything other than he knows how to keep calm in the face of extreme opposition. He's had a whole lot of practice at that because for his entire term and every second after his term the left just cannot try to fabricate enough about him. It is an obsession with them. And they haven't been able to find one illegal thing he has done. Nothing.
Blue Wave in politics
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AND THEN HE SAID THAT A BLUE WAVE WAS COMING... | image tagged in memes,laughing men in suits | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Biden's approval rating are the lowest of any president ever. Kamala Harris's approval rating is even lower. Over a million Democrats have joined the Republican party.

If the Dems win pretty much anything in this coming election then you will no longer be able to deny voter fraud.

I really do not know why any sane person could look at the damage that Biden has caused and say to themselves, "What we need is more of that".
Conservative logic in politics
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If your argument is so weak that you have to invent stuff then you have no argument at all.

No one is restricting travel for abortions. Leftist businesses are paying for their employees to go to a pro-infanticide state to murder their baby so they can get back to work faster.

If a state has make abortion illegal, as they should, then yeah, they're going to prohibit the abortion pill. That's kind of the point of saving human lives that the left just refuses to understand.

No one is using period tracking apps to prosecute women who travel out of state to have their baby murdered.

Oh, I am sure you probably have some news story who told you all of this crap but I am calling BS on any of that.