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Leonardo Inception (Extended) in politics
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I jumped out of the Republican Party several years ago. I joined the Constitution Party.

I didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but I did in 2020.

I can see that you have bought into the left's Marxist indoctrination that everyone on the right are racists and homophobes. And I say Marxist on purpose. It is a tactic that the Critical Theory Marxists decided on years ago. If anyone disagrees with Critical Theory then they must be branded a fascist.

Then Critical Race Theory was formed in the 80's because Critical Theory wasn't working, So now those who disagree are racists in addition to fascists.

But here is the thing. THERE HAVE NEVER BEEN FASCISTS IN AMERICA EXCEPT IN THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT. Fascism is just another variation of Socialism. Author H.G. Wells was steeped in the Progressive movement and he called himself a "Liberal Fascist".

There is racism but it exists in much higher numbers on the left. The entire Critical Race Theory is extremely racist. The right is not even close in numbers.

The left loves to play guilt transference. They can be as awful people as possible and then blame it all on the right. They have been doing that for over half a century.

The Republicans have their own sins to deal with but they aren't what the Dems accuse them of.
Untitled Image in politics
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The January 6th commission is utterly unnecessary. It is a witch hunt. Trump asked for calm, not violence. The left wants so badly to find something that they can accuse him of treason over so that they can invoke the 14th amendment if Trump ever tried to run again.

There was no treason and Trump didn't invoke it. It was about 300 people who were pissed off because the Democrats so overly and so obviously stole the election.

Depending on how corrupt the Jan 6th commission is we will find out if Trump is going to be falsely accused of something he clearly did not do or not.
Donald Trump in politics
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Snowflakes only exist on the left. No conservative has ever asked for a safe space. We have to listen to liberal crap every time we read or watch the news or watch a movie or TV show. You don't see us crying in a safe space with a blanket and pacifier. That is all on your side.

51% in the latest Rassmussen poll, believe there was voter fraud. Not all of them believe there was enough fraud to change the election results but most of the 51% do.

Guilt transference is the modis operandi of the left. You can clearly see the Biden has dementia, but what do you do? You accuse Trump of having it when he hasn't shown any signs of it.

And just in case you forgot. Trump isn't president any more. You guys stole the election and put an idiot in the White House. So try to keep up because Trump is yesterday's news now.

It's time you start focusing on the idiot you put in the White House and stop focusing on past presidents.
Untitled Image in politics
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Since when does the left care if Trump is a Christian or not? What crimes did Trump commit?
Untitled Image in politics
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It's called guilt transference. They've been doing it for decades. They're too narcissistic to take the blame for their failures so they pass it off on us.