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Untitled Image in fun
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precisely ...
Untitled Image in fun
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why IS a fish? WHY is a fish? (Does anyone know? Is there even a right answer, etc.?)
Untitled Image in fun
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theories abound and vary but proof's yet elusive. once a wise woman asked me, or told me, still not sure which, 'why is a fish'...with or without the question mark, i am not sure how to answer or respond to it.
Untitled Image in fun
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well, off to reupload a saved copy of this meme to use as a new template, 'top and bottom spaced 100%' ;)
Old World Communications Problems in fun
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dude's all tryin' to 'crack the enemy's code' so his nation's team can listen in, but the lady of the house is in the mood for a tuna fish sandwich that she either can't or won't make herself, and so he decides to make it for her, but after obtaining proof he really has translated the so called 'jibberish transmissions' into the words they actually represent to members of the 'enemy nation', which thus far he hasn't; he just figures he's getting very close...genie's do what they want...and the 'ain't nobody got time for that' lady face is indicative of how his wife feels about the idea of war in general...not the part about trying to stop it...and the hair...he's a free spirit regardless of war...but feels compelled nonetheless to try to prevent millions of deaths.