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Old Woman at Spinning Wheel
are you for or against a wall around ALL of America, or for a wall on certain border areas of America, or no wall at all, and which areas should have a wall, should Canada be blocked off with a wall like Mexico, or neither, or both, or one or the other, and how about other areas, and how about the indian reservations which is legally sovereign soil that covers much of the border, and so on...? threats come from all over the world and from within the nation; what now? define 'proper vetting' etc...bonus question, how many grams does the universe weigh and is it more or less than the pounds or tons it weighs?
Old Woman at Spinning Wheel
the wall is a separate issue and should be discussed and dealt with, but that doesn't justify stopping helpful activities elsewhere.
and ask all humans who have ever been influenced or affected by America, which numbers in the billions. you'll find some will salute it while singing the National Anthem; others will flip it off while burning its flag.
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I used the broil option in the stove instead of bake; works better.