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sleeping in fun
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All the lights are on but I’d be more concerned about the fact that we are all watching you in bed
LGBTQ Too confusing for children in LGBTQ
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I used to want to die because I thought something was wrong with me for not being attracted to anyone at all in any way shape or form but now I have a supportive group of friends and apparently this stream where I can come for some peace and quiet!
LGBTQ Too confusing for children in LGBTQ
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I’m friends with a girl who, at her school, was bullied for not being gay. You were either gay or completely ostracized. So she started acting like it and thought she was gay until she realized that she was changing herself to be what society wanted her to be. And another person who was walking by a group of people who started calling him heterophobic slurs and homophobe and things like that, and then beat him even though he didn’t say anything at all, he wasn’t mean at all and knew better than to be rude. It was so traumatic he was later diagnosed with ptsd. So he’s a bit biased now after that but managed to recover after a few months