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Pls pray my cancer @ least stays contained
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I'm pretty sure it isn't pronounced im-g'flip
With "leap" pronounced "lip" because of the accent. lol :D
Darth Vader unicycling with bagpipes o' fire and shoveling snow. Your argument is invalid.
How about just leaving me the hell alone Andrew? I'm minding my own business and there you are again in my inbox. Lecturing me. Can't you just bug off? How hard is it to JUST. NOT. WRITE. TO. ME? Why can't it just end here and that's that? Have you no self-control? And what difference does it make whose meme it is? I wdn't be here now in a friggin' 3 month old meme if you hadn't written to me. JUST DON'T WRITE TO ME. IF YOU'RE NOT A PSYCHO LITTLE STALKER then it shouldn't be hard at all.
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Shweeeeeeet!!! :D lol