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Will you join me in cleaning up Imgflip of porn? | 112 burgers | status: do not disturb
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my announcement template in PornPolice
0 ups, 13h
We're doing it in the factory because there are some important alerts.
TheCheemsEditor (TheCheemsburger) Temp 2 in PornPolice
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No, people are just resigning left and right.
Blank White Template in PornPolice
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Please post this to streams and send it to people. Porn is quickly doubling on Imgflip:

Today's Alerts:

Please comment your username in this meme, we're taking a census:

Research shows that.. :

Make sure to promote this stream to people who may be interested in joining us. Announcement:

More announcements:

1. The economy is slowing down, please sell your stuff in the to help the economy run normal again.

2. The press is slowing down, please donate to keep the news going.

Please read all of these announcements, they are important. Thanks in advance.
Tired soldier in PornPolice
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No, not really.