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The Eva-angels are coming to play with your mind.....
There's something else: Watching just a few episodes of this adversely affected my sanity. Now, I'm stuck in a padded room.
10 Guy
Nice. Now if only we could see Harry smoking pot, much like his last name suggests.
My reaction to the "a-word."
-drinks it, grabs chest- Oh, Elizabeth! I drank the Awesome Sauce, and now I'm coming to join you, honey! -falls over dead-
Sounds like watching softcore porn films for the character development.
Eh, don't feel bad (if you do....). I have my moments of 'density,' plus it's hard to get sarcasm across using only the keyboard. Plus plus, some people claim to see good articles in those cheesecake magazines. It's been years since I've even bothered to look at Playboy or anything. Outright porn is too damn much for me! Yes, I'm weird.
Creepy cuddle guy
polygamy = harem