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I know now why you cry, but it's something I can never do.
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COVID Truth in politics
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Los Angeles is turning off the power and water to homes that have large gatherings. Welcome to China.
COVID Truth in politics
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"People are dying. Millions could die in the US alone. I just don't understand WTF is wrong with people?"

People are dying every day from many different viruses and diseases and many other things like drug abuse (drugs that the governors on the west coast allow to be pushed into their communities, btw, and ignore the problems) and yet nothing is being done about that. But suddenly we get a virus that has a 99.5% survival rate and we have to cancel the holidays and slap muzzles (masks) on our faces?

F**k that and f**k you for trying to condemn anyone and trying to make them feel bad for not confirming to fascist rules set by our fascist government.
COVID Truth in politics
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What many people don't seem to understand is it isn't about wearing the mask or not, it's about the government telling us we have to and if we don't, we'll be in trouble. It is t the government's job to force anything on the people.

I would bet a high sum of money that if the government told us we don't have to wear masks and that it was up to us, but they highly recommend it, there wouldn't be as many not wearing the mask.
Imgflip isn't what it used to be :-( in imgflip
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Most of the "popular" Reddit meme templates are garbage. Referencing video games only a select type of people understand is annoying and just plain dumb. At least with most of the older meme templates you could use them in a wife variety of ways and for just about any occasion.
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