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bruh... in fun
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the person who said that was being satire-
How long did he go missing actually in Undertale
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pointless information: the original video was actually thanos beatboxing over the video lol
How do you fail that bad in fun
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That's the joke--
help now in fun
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ULTRA salty
Posting no-context memes part 4: Uh oh.... you messed up in Undertale
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I would willingly appreciate my username to be placed and used in one of your memes. It would be very beneficial for me as I would like to see such a creator to make something based of my username. Here's a full list of reasons why:

1. It would make me feel happy
2. It would make me feel special
3. It would be a kind thing to do
4. I would appreciate it
5. This is the 4th one please
6. I beg you
7. If you don't I know where you live and I have a gun and I am not afraid to use it
8. You're funny and make things outside of lazy memes
9. It would just be nice
10. Man I don't know I can't remember anymore
12. I forgot how to count.
13. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
14. Dame da ne, dame yo, dame na-
15. Wow you're still reading this?
16. More text to make me look educated
17. More text to make me look educated
18. More text to make me look educated
20. I'm too impatient so I'll skip to 20