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Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex tape
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The future of not-so-Great Britain. in politicsTOO
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The difference between Austria and the UK is that Austria has a politically secure government, a comparitavely strong economy and is not a shit place to live. It's insulting to the Austrians to compare us to Austria. And yes, we are becoming similar to the Italians. The economy is stagnant, everywhere outside London is underdeveloped, corruption and money laundering is rampant within London. At least the Italians have a competent leader who is popular.
Black Sabbath Enjoyer in fun
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They doth protest too much. Makes me suspicious in politicsTOO
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What is the point of this meme then? To make the others seem like idiots instead of any meaningful discussion? Or is there a deeper meaning to the meme that looks like it was made by a 3-year old? I think this is what people nean when they say "The left can't meme". Anyway, please explain to me the deeper meaning of this meme that I'm too stupid to understand
Nature 1, Transphobes 0 in politicsTOO
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Are you a fish? Yes/no