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Angélina Nava rules Daneliya Tuleshova stink
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Girl's pockets V.S. Boy's pockets in fun
0 ups, 7d
Why? Is it because you like Manuela Diaz (contestant from The Voice Kids France season 3)?
Your Baby is Going to Brazil in fun
0 ups, 2w
What i mean is that The Portugese colonized Brazil, so that's what the god please not Portugal mean
Tier List but it's by the percentage of you being diagnosed with cancer because you don't like the thing that some people like in fun
0 ups, 3w
Instructions: put something you hate the most in the 100% guaranteed stage 4 cancer and put something you like the most in the 0% (The Ultimate cure)
Boys vs girls pockers in fun
0 ups, 1m
I mean AMG