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Every.Single.Time. in politics
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This wasn't about left or right it was about the fact that all those you see constantly typing "#kindness" are in fact some of the most vile, hateful people on the internet.
Every.Single.Time. in politics
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This is the norm now in politics
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Why don't you take a look at my previous creations before assuming that life works in simplistic binaries....
Who's laughing now in politics
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Yeah I do take those points on board. Life is taken way too seriously by some - I'm up for exchanges of ideas as you could see from the amount I typed. Equally, I did not insult you personally so I would equally be reliable for your last caveat. I'm not in America so like the rest of the world I can just point and laugh at the inept leadership there right now, along with its decreasing relevance in the world. What I also forgot to add was that the nuance of context in relation to Donny wishing her well doesn't at all negate the fact he wished her well. Claiming to not know anything about it is a little bit incredulous to say the least. Of course he'd happily lie and tell TV that "I don't watch the fake news media". But there is no way he'd not know about what's going on with his friend Ghislaine.