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If everyone shouted no one would listen.
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Based off another meme that I found.
None of your comments make any sense so I'll just pretend the pony in you comment means that you're a 7 year old girl and you're talking normal for someone that age.
Based off another meme that I found.
Liberals call conservatives homophobic and racist, yet here you are calling someone a "closet homosexual" in a negative way. That's called irony.
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
Yeah, it was pretty fun back in the day. Back then you pretty much knew which profile was real and who was trying to be fake. Now there are so many users who use alt profiles and start shit all the time. There are so many "new" user's here that seem very suspicious as they come on here and seem to know everything about this site. More alts is all I can figure. I just recently posted s meme that tried to get users to start random comments and try to outdo each other in hilarity, not too many seemed interested. Not sure if it was seen by many. I'll still be on here, but I get on randomly and post something once in a while. I hope you still post some now and then. I always check for your stuff.
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I'm just tired of seeing memes complaining about anything on the front page. I think I'm just bored of this site and I'm just tired of everything here. Or maybe I'm just grumpy lately. lol