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ProJared in fun
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Yup. It's funny how, on the internet it doesn't matter who you are - white, black, asian, hispanic, male, female, gay, straight, bi, Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian - we are all united in our hatred of ProJared.
The Art Of Persuasion in politics
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I do not like PJW but this is a great meme.
When you cant live up to the hype in fun
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Nah he just punches people.
Untitled Image in fun
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Another day, another bullshit anti-vax post.
N.A.M.B.L.A. Approved Shoes in politics
1 up, 1w
Whoever this kid's mom is, we need to start a hate campaign against her. And the dad, too, assuming he's in the picture. This is literally **pe.