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Hi! I’m Skye! I’m genderfae, asexual, and omniromantic. My pronouns are she/they.
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And I oop in LGBTQ
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I’ve read all of the original PJO books, and some of the HOO books. Does it tie into those? Also I knew because of the Rick Riordan in the top left-
genderfluid is melting ;-; in LGBTQ
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And genderfluid has another small umbrella for me
And I oop in LGBTQ
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Actually it might not be pjo but like it’s definitely from Rick Riordan
And I oop in LGBTQ
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Wait- this is one of the PJO books- which one I need to read it nowwww
okay im going to work on the requests now if you have any then tell em in the comments in LGBTQ
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I’m a demigod then since I don’t feel sexual attraction