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There is truth in humor and there is power in truth...humor is true power as it forces thought through laughter.
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Its Not Menopause...its Mah Feelins... in politics
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By the way sweetie mizzzzzzz milano-coolie used the exact phrase i quoted ...
Max...are you sad cause you cant experience menopause? Just act like a chick when she voted for hillary in 2016. Its the same irrational emotional experience. Oh and eat lots of chocolate and watch a few soaps...
Bless your heart
Its Not Menopause...its Mah Feelins... in politics
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Umm sex is not a species clown. Moron is of course a subspecies so thanks for not breeding and spreading the moron species of homo sapiens.
Now go back to the basement and get Cheetos crumbs on that exposed belly region at the top of your pants. Mom will be bringing you the pbnj with the crusts cut off.
Anybody who asks another to commit suicide is most likely someone diddled by an uncle so ill pray for your struggles with dealing with being diddled by a relative.
You be well youngster...try not to drool when u read this.
Joe Biden...Profile of The Uncle at Thanksgiving you hope is not seated next to you in politics
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Which monkey r u hear see speak
Biden is mentally hurt...he is being used. Its elder abuse. Shame on you
Cant Panic Under Obama. Its a Black Thing You Wouldnt Understand in politics
1 up, 12m
Son you do not know what fatality rate means.
And national review hates trump on oar with NYT.
Ok millenial