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You could make a religon out of this
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How I get my points in fun
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How did you even find this? I forgot imgflip even existed until you replied and imgflip emailed me
News outlets exaggerate for the story, but this can have detrimental effects. One day they will answer for the harm they do. in fun
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Thank you. Real problems in America such as human trafficking, vitamin overdoses, and actual world news don't get addressed at all. Only around 400 people died from tide pods during the time it was a controversy. Around half of them were accidental. Around 10,000 people died in that time from vitamin overdoses, and i've never seen anything like it reported on mainstream media. I also live in a small town, and the local newspapers are talking about around 10 cases of human trafficking so far this year. If you live in a city, imagine how much human trafficking is going on there.
Peter Griffin News in fun
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They were protesting during the anthem, but I kind of agree with them. They just decided that a ultra racist national anthem talking about hunting down run-away slaves and torturing them to death, wasn't something they wanted to honor.
Philosoraptor in fun
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thanks, thats very helpful.