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I put Midna. in Nintendo
0 ups, <1h
You mid-*ss is always saying mid towards others like it is an insult, well guess what? I'm gonna do the same to you and see how YOU like it, Eggy_MID!
concrete powder imgflip in Minecraft
0 ups, <1h
Yeah I know, but how did you get all that concrete powder to fall in such an order?
Pipis Chronicles, Pt. II in Undertale
0 ups, <1h
So you are also saying that Spamton is a psychotic klutz who is vastly overrated.
This is why I hate Discord, now. in fun
0 ups, <1h
Very funny, *sswipe. I'm blocking you now!
Don't ask in FunkinStream
1 up, <1h
For Agoti