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Captain Obvious
I made a similar one :)
Captain Obvious
name in the description
So many dead users I didn't know about. Like, the only ones I knew about before I found this meme were ghostofchurch, sir_unknown, and TammyFaye (Who I just discovered today) Didn't know about TheMemingOfLife, wakester, tokinjester, Jessica_, or AnimationFun. The rest of them I had no idea who they were.
It was fun! heehee! Goodbye!
I know I'm not here a lot, but I only just noticed you were gone... (no offence, like I said, I'm not here a lot) We will all miss you!
It's still tricky searching their memes,since other users' memes tagged with their username are usually shown first
I actually never thought of that. Although, mysteriously I found a meme made by my current account in there... My old account was DiamondHunter, accidentally deleted in January.