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Bone spur in politics
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So Trump did what biden and bill clinton did and avoided a bad war Any Americans under threat from the Vietnamese? Where they charging over our border like the mexicans? I have the spurs its like walking on nails. But if Trump declared war on mexico id be there hip deep in dead mex.
Most Trump haters truly Beleive that impeaching A president removes him from office. LOL!! in politics
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Today the Don was impeached, he laughed and went back to work on maga. Any sane dem is now coming to maga.
San Francisco Poop Map in politics
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What pours in criminals dope guns parasites and disease. Whats not to love ?
I See This as an Absolute Win! in politics
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To late the nwo plan goes on the uk falls to the trash
Donald Trump Mocking Disabled in politics
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IZ call em as i see em , and you are one dumb azzed mofo, have a nice day