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Furries in Furries-stream
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I know it’s not! It was just hidden, and I didn’t read it right and I feel terrible!
Furries in Furries-stream
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Sadly, yes. I’m a mod, and It wasn’t a mean comment, but I declined his post. He made a meme where he he said: “oh, I’m weird? Well I have (insert mental disorders/ illnesses here) autism (more mental disorders illnesses)” or something little that. Again, I apologize.
Furries in Furries-stream
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Im very sorry for this misunderstanding. you were just pouring a bunch of mental illnesses in a meme, and autism just happened to be in there. im sorry you dont feel welcome anymore, but you also had many other things in there, and i dont want this stream to become a negative place.
again, i formally apologise for this misunderstanding.
stay safe!
- Rainbow-Star :3
my new house in ImgflipCity
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come in