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College Liberal in fun
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ah this was the time before streams
ITFDB in fun
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if i had to give this a hand signal i'd give it a fa

lol jk :)
Or at the least, bigoted. in politics
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that is a good point. thank you for sharing(i didn;t know rich people disowned their kids just so their kids could get into college). but on the flip side, there will be others who won't be able to get into a specific college (not that it matters much, just some food for thought) that will be pushed out just because they aren't of a specific race. that being said, it all depends on the amount of people who abuse it.i think that administritave action will be the best choice until we find a better solution that works. however i am opposed to it if it allows someone with lower qualifications get picked vs someone with higher qualifications but not as diverse, as i think diversity could be a good deciding factor (if resumes were equal) but not as THE deciding factor
that is just my opinion, you dont have to agree with it but you can share yours
Or at the least, bigoted. in politics
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No i mean immigrants (for example, those who just immigrated here in like the 2010s)sorry i didn't explain clearly enough. I understand how like it could benefit people who were affected by, say, jim crow laws though. can you please explain how it benefits them/ why you support it

its okay if you don't have the time

btw thanks for replying
Or at the least, bigoted. in politics
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correct me if im wrong, but I think some black people who (or their ancestors)were never influenced by jim crow can still get affirmative action so the can abuse it that way (idk if this is real or not though, just a thought)

also, i see that it can be easily abused by somebody who has a tiny bit of dna of some race yet claims to be this race (pretty sure you can do this) and getting into a job or something because of this