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51 days and america will be great again! in politics
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At least 17% of Biden voters would not have voted for him if the mainstream media wouldn’t have hidden or buried news stories against him.

More than half of voters (at least 55% including Democrats and Republicans) do not believe that this was a fair and honest election due to fraud.

The Biden sympathizers are becoming the minority.
blank white template in politics
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Democrats Turn On Minority Voters For Discovering Trump Isn’t The Real Racist

Democrats are the true racists.

They are the only political party in the United States has a history of racism.

As long as they continue to weaponize identity politics and dress minorities down as if they are mindless cattle, their candidates will continue to lose support from minorities.
Arizona certifies biden's victory in politics
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“Massive amounts of evidence of voter fraud”
Arizona certifies biden's victory in politics
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It Is A “Farce” For AZ’s “Radical Leftist” Secretary of State Katie Hobbs To Certify Arizona’s Election Results

“Katie Hobbs, our radical leftist secretary of state who thinks that Trump supporters are neo-Nazis, who has BLM on her profile on Twitter, she today is going to ignore all the evidence, ignore the thousands of complaints, ignore the possibilities of fraud and irregularities in this election, and she plans to certify this election.”