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President.British.Mormon (196982)
Joined 2022-05-23
President of ImgflipGovernment. Former President of IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS. Latter-day Saint. British Nationalist.
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Ugh, Putin amirite? :) in ImgflipGovernment
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image tagged in the law requires | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Steady on, now! You'd better be careful when you talk about you-know-who. The community moderator in question has a tendency for mass-censoring any content that could possibly be perceived as somewhat insulting to him. For example, in one day alone the particular user you referred to unfeatured over a hundred of my images and deleted several hundred more of my comments simply because he didn't like my "attitude". In short: steer clear of saying anything remotely negative about he-who-must-not-be-named. From experience, even the most tame and veiled taunts could result in hundreds of your memes and comments being removed, and you'll be left with a posting/comment timer for 48 hours. So, please don't accuse me of making an insulting meme about O*************t. You could get me in trouble. And please keep my warning in mind for future reference, or you could get in trouble too.
To ensure openness and transparency, the negotiations will occur publicly in the comment section of this image. in ImgflipGovernment
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I greatly appreciate the courtesy you have extended here. One item of business I would like to include in these talks is the much talked-about issue of freedom of speech. And as our two communities have finally begun to reconcile, I will be willing to unban all users who have previously been banned on this stream and pledge not to never again elected office or a stream mod in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS if the stream owner OlympianProduct is himself willing to reach a sensible compromise in relation to his ban on myself and hundreds of Real_Politics users from participating in your immensely popular and influential democratic roleplay community. I was deeply concerned by the rather inflammatory remarks from the aforementioned user following the recent election, which involved the threat of using "every tool available" to intentionally cause a mass "exodus" of users from your stream. Such an outcome would be even more harmful, damaging, and divisive to our communities and the site as a whole. I sincerely hope that the compromises and concessions I am offering at great personal sacrifice will help heal these wounds, and that the immense step in reconciliation we have taken with the Presidents of our two streams may be extended also to the owner of yours.
To ensure openness and transparency, the negotiations will occur publicly in the comment section of this image. in ImgflipGovernment
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Thank you for agreeing to meet with me here for these diplomatic negotiations, President MoonMan. As leader of the British Mormon Party and President of ImgflipGovernment, I extend a very warm welcome to you as we conduct these historic peace talks, and I am honored that they are taking place here in the stream I represent. I would also like to congratulate you on your very impressive victory in the recent election in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS. As a former holder of that most momentous office, I wish you the very best of luck. For too long have our two roleplay election communities been needlessly and bitterly divided, despite the near-identical nature of what we do in each of our respective streams. I pray that these talks will be constructive for both our communities, and I also sincerely hope that our two political parties can begin working together as well. As the original founder of the Choose The Right Party, I would love to be able to work with that party once again.