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Go figure
No need for that. I just found out it was Gravity_Storm
This generation...
The perfect description of me in my high school
name in the description
Gravity_Storm death: 2018-09-19 He was a cool dude.I kinda regret I never talked to him a lot
Go figure
Hehehehe,yep :) By the way,did you see,by any chance,who's the dude who deleted down here? It seems I arrived too late
Why do Atheists only attack Christians and no other religious group?
And by the way,if somebody has the nerve to say that there's no evidence for this meme,send them these verses: Deuteronomy 22 28 “Suppose a man is caught raping a young woman who is not engaged. 29 He is to pay her father the bride price of fifty pieces of silver, and she is to become his wife, because he forced her to have intercourse with him. He can never divorce her as long as he lives. Quran 2.223 Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will. (Which pretty much means "You can have sex with your wife whenever and however you want") Satanic Bible ...the Satanist would not intentionally hurt others by violating their sexual rights. If you attempt to impose your sexual desires upon others who do not welcome your advances, you are infringing upon their sexual freedom. ... If all parties involved are mature adults who willingly take full responsibility for their actions and voluntarily engage in a given form of sexual expression - even if it is generally considered taboo - then there is no reason for them to suppress their sexual inclination