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Gordon Ramsey Why did the chicken cross the road
I think I know how.You know how every meme has an Image Description that you can see below the comment section,near the "show embed codes" button?There,it should say:"WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD? BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T F**KING COOK IT." But when you go down there,you will not find that.So my theory is:first thememe was captioned,then it was saved(downloaded before generating),and then it was generated
ACTUAL (as in Non-Strawman) College Liberal Logic 101
This is how I see elections: Election day:"Man,this president sucked.We should vote for another guy! I'm sure he'll make everything better!" *a new guy gets elected* "Yaaaaaaay! This guy will lead our country into a golden age!" Next election day:"Man,this president sucked.We should vote for another guy! I'm sure he'll make everything better!" And the cycle repeats,repeats,and repeats Vote for who I want in the office,huh? That seems to make sense,but what if I don't want anyone in the office? How do I vote for that? I don't want anyone to rule me,I can rule myself good enough.At what point in history did humankind say:"Okay,everyone,most of us are incapable to control ourselves,so we'll just have a few guys telling us what we can and what we can't do.Oh,and we'll also give them some money we earn every month,because reasons" Just like Lemmy Kilmister said:"People should learn to rule themselves.Government causes more problems than it solves"
My main gripe with democracy
OK,those are some pretty nice examples you have there(especially the second one),though I fail to understand the third one.Something good happened to somebody,why would you be proud? I remember walking through the town I live in and see a friend of mine find some money lying on the street,and I wasn't proud of him,because why should I be? I don't understand pride in general.You gave a great example up there:your father did something and got honored for it,and you proudly say "that's my dad over there". Ummm,okaaay? Does that have anything to do with him getting honored? Will you be honored for what he did just because you're his son? Bottom line:How pathetic do you have to be to tie yourself to achievements of others and had nothing to do with? And though you did present some good examples,"God Bless America" is still very often used withput any context,even here on imgflip. https://imgflip.com/tag/god%20bless%20america?page=1 Just see how many memes are there with a "god bless america" tag which use the phrase without any context.And you might say that they're using the phrase out of patriotism(pride in your own country),but then,I'd tell you to read the upper paragraph about pride once again