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Once went 53 days without showering while deployed to a FOB in Afghanistan. Favorite MRE: #10 Chili Mac
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The Tolerant Hypocrite left in politics
0 ups, 8h
These are the same people who yell “NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!”
Political Figure making a statement in politics
1 up, 8h
I’m guessing that the mandatory “love groove” will be surgically added.
Kropotkin says share in politics
0 ups, 4d
Oy vey. However you want to interpret the quote to have it fit within your own narrative doesn’t change the fact that you are applying it as a hypocritical double standard.
Kropotkin says share in politics
0 ups, 4d
Huh? It doesn’t? Then I’d go back and reread your meme over and over and over again until you get it through your skull what it actually means:

"We must recognize,
and loudly proclaim, that every
one, whatever his grade in the old
society, whether strong or weak,
capable or incapable, has, before
everything, THE RIGHT TO LIVE,
and that society is bound to
share amongst all, without exception,
the means of existence at its disposal.“