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You can always come back, but you can't come back all the way." ~Bob Dylan
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They'll be arguing "over" this forever!
I say go for it as well. The desert draws me at times. Too high and dry for the long term though. =}
They'll be arguing "over" this forever!
Aww that is so cool! Yes my plan is to sell it back to the [email protected] (Sorry, issues there) I lived in Denver a couple years ago - awesome bike trails - I'd ride everyday. And visit all the newly opened shoppes. ;-) Yeah I'll put you to work LOL!
They'll be arguing "over" this forever!
So Jess I got tired of the elec company sticking it to me every month and decided to look seriously at every way I could cut down the bill. So I dug an old fashioned "outhouse pit" and have stopped using/flushing altogether. Next: a bike powered battery charger to power the well house.