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But Thats None Of My Business
For the logically impaired: The baby is not the women's body. They have separate DNA. Also, the women who do choose to do abortions have very high rates of depression. Another thing to keep in mind: The babies in the uterus have DREAMS 6 weeks after conception. The babies can feel pain like you and me. So how would you like to get pulled apart with metal tools, and have all your life potential taken away from you?
Am I The Only One Around Here
Yeah... kind of. I was actually very, very surprised that this meme got so many upvotes. I have made many more creative and original memes, but none of them got even close to this amount of upvotes. I suppose it is kind of my fault though, because I did say "upvote if you agree" with a controversial issue.
Am I The Only One Around Here
That is not what a w**re means.
Am I The Only One Around Here
Why, again, does that make me a w**re?