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Should cooks not be 'forced' to wash their hands? in politics
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No problem, I'm sure many of the natives would boo boo (mess up) that word too whether by accident or otherwise.
Now now Pacha don’t get cocky in politics
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You still have not answered the question about personal income tax.
I'm not arguing that the court could subpoena his business tax records.
Your referring me to a business tax issue and the alleged under reporting of a value on a property which is a whole other situation and which without needing to see statutes etc. I'm sure a court does have jurisdiction because of disclosures required by laws relating to taxation.
So when you have time tomorrow if you have an answer, please do inform where it is a requirement for someone to issue their personal tax returns.
The thing is you can't show where there is a law about his personal tax being made public without consent and the whole thing is just a witch hunt as he points out. Especially when you consider they could have ruled on the case in October last year but waited until now.
Good Night.
You may Recall her from the Exorcist Movies and whether you agree or not you'd have to be possessed to have voted for Biden. in OriginalContentOnly
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Is your question back to front?

Who do you mean is being disrespected, Linda Blair?
You can't mean Joe Biden but you must be.
Even though with what all the bullshit applied to his republican opposition for 5 plus years from democrats and the majority of the msm you find this disrespectful, how odd. And how odd that you will not see the hypocrisy i feel toward those who said nothing for 5 years but find it disrespectful now.
If you think it's of any interest what Biden's favorite flavor of ice-cream is like the MSM does and you think softball questions asked in advance and then answered by teleprompter is a sign of a competent leader and that it is more important to ask questions about his food preferences than actual Presidential questions. Then you deserve a serve of pralines and D**k Ice-cream like Slow Biden eats.

The MSM was and still is creating /making up stupid stories about Trump like how he got 2 scoops of ice-cream and everybody else at the table was only allowed one. That A grade dumbassery was allowed and accepted by almost all Democrats as fact/s. So I have no problem hanging shit on Biden, a guy who clearly shouldn't be in the job and only is because his enormously inflated ego didn't stop him from accepting a position which others wanted him to fulfill for ulterior motives and which he always hoped to be able to do further exacerbating the desire in him to do a job he was never capable of. Unfortunately for us and the world the job even if Joe were fitter of mind and body the job is beyond any actual accomplishments he ever did in life he can be read from interviews and congressional records as someone who was there for what the country can do for him, just for the money and his record substantiates this. He is not president for the service of anyone but himself. He isn't intelligent enough to do the job, he never was.He was always a liar and at the bottom of any class he attended not to mention his academic plagiarism as well as professional plagiarism.
Those who made up the shit and the readers of the shit should now reap what they sowed and get to read everyday some stupid comment or statement misconstrued or made up out of thin air but they won't get that from the MSM. Unfortunately for you Joe and Kama la are ripe for content and if you dislike people hammering the shit out of them, then best avoid reading too many comments or memes in the political streams and stick to MSM articles which won't offend your sensibilities..
Now now Pacha don’t get cocky in politics
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Instead of commenting in airy fairy bullshit without basis in fact that you can prove. Instead of talking a whole lot of nothingness that you repeated from MSM talking drivel and just skirting around the question with your opinion.
Show me where it says anyone is compelled to give the information about personal income in this situation. The 'lawyer' who wrote the meme possibly has an answer but if's like your answer it's opinion also and why he hasn't replied.