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Who wants to join me in the movement to advertise on here before I leave? in politics
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Parler and Gab are Twitter alternatives. Parler saw a boost in popularity recently, and many conservative US politicians can be found on there. Gab is older and has more developed features. There are several well-known conservative political commentators on there as well.

Spreely and Xephula are Facebook alternatives. Spreely is older, and some members of the InfoWars crew are on there. Xephula is growing fast, and is less clunky than Spreely.

Ruqqus and SaidIt are Reddit alternatives. SaidIt is quite clunky, and you cannot downvote anything, which I think is a bit strange.

Slug (aka has a few groups dedicated to people like Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan.

Pocketnet is new and small. It is based on blockchain technology.

Wimkin is also new, and the community is tiny.

Brighteon.Social is also new and small, and it is based on Mastodon. It is run by Mike Adams, the guy who made Natural News and Newstarget.

So I would definitely recommend using both Gab and Parler instead of Twitter. I would also advise using Ruqqus instead of Reddit, and maybe SaidIt as well. Maybe use Spreely and Xephula instead of Facebook. Slug is okay, but Pocketnet, Wimkin and Brighteon.Social are tiny.
Who wants to join me in the movement to advertise on here before I leave? in ConservativePolitics
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I have made you a stream owner, but I cannot remove myself as an owner, so you must do it yourself. I am making you an owner on the assumption that you will defend freedom of speech on this stream, so please uphold that to the best of your ability. So long!
This will probably be my last post on imgflip after all these years. in fun
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
This is not the end. Just the start of something new.
One Does Not Simply in politics
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I am leaving myself. I am switching to

We may not have agreed on much, but I still want us to say goodbye like adults.