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9/10/36 Projects: 1.The reality breach project 2. Mystery flesh pit redraws
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Untitled Image in Murder_Drones
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now, that's a scam not even signed!
If Murder Drones have Whatsapp in Murder_Drones
1 up, 16h
everyones a robot and you have to consider that this planet was probably heavily populated (Pre-Core Collapse), dolls parents probably served some Russians explaining why she speaks russian
The sounds were horrible at .25 speed but at least I found some secrets in Murder_Drones
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evilish that is not V, that's uzi VA.

and there are lyrics in Murder Brings and one of the lines will surely ring a bell...

Murder Brings Lyrics:

"Winter rains down on the ashes, Mother makes fuel from the bones, Murder rips gods from the masses,
Murder brings murder brings" and on verse two it ends with "Murder drone"