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ObsidianTheSpookyToaster (157785)
Joined 2022-05-02
Previous username: ObsidianTheSentientToaster
An asexual toaster who likes to cube. {39 mortals} Info here:
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Image title in Furries-stream
0 ups, 2h
MMMM okey dokey fancy tasty P u r p l e
Watching Jaws while in the water… in you-had-one-job
0 ups, 2h
ahh just wait till MrJaws sees this
Arm reveal lol in Furries-stream
0 ups, 2d
I learned that from Iceu
My most successful memes were my recent meme about splitting Oreos and a one while back about the fact that autocorrect sucks
I can’t be the only one in fun
2 ups, 2d
mint is meant to trick your mouth into being cold
Untitled Image in repost
1 up, 2d
oh hey look even teenagers back then smoked