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Owner of MSMG I just had to delete- for those who know it's me Nar, I'm back♥ (actual date I joined: Nov 2nd 2020) Pan🌈
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when I say I'm in love, I really mean it- like- like just- he's- I- pure bLISS- in MS_memer_group
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sakuras a bitch -_- i mean later on she can punch and shit but like honestly the show would be fine without her-
BRO HOW- thats like saying wilbur only got super famous cuz of tommy- ( actually thats kinda true bUt nvm-) i agree that naruto has to many flashbacks and fillers but i will n e v e r agree that naruto himself is overrated- then again oPINIONs
Untitled Image in MS_memer_group
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u should post this on the dogs stream lmao