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Look up jerboa it's a cute lil mouse with big legs and smol arms and it looks like a t-rex
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i cant post in the furries_stream, :( in LGBTQ
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As a person who has been in the furry community for a bit, I must say they're some of the most kind, welcoming and accepting people out there. They really aren't as weird as people make them out to be. Sure, here and there there's a few pieces of r34, but it's wrong to gang up on furries for that. That's just how it is in every community.

I'd like to note as a furry myself, I don't find any of the sexual things even remotely attractive. That's how it is for most furries. It's ignorant of you to assume that all of a large group of people are the same.

I'm not going to argue about it, I simply wanted to provide a different view point for you.
i cant post in the furries_stream, :( in LGBTQ
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you need 10k points to post, they do this to avoid trolls
I'm staying a little longer.. in Furries-stream
1 up, 14h
Well that's good. However I would suggest trying to stay off of places like MSMG if they make you feel bad there. Try to find a safe place here on imgflip, alright? I know how stressful drama can get, best just to try to let it settle.
and which one(s) do you celebrate? in LGBTQ
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I celebrate Christmas because my mom was raised Christian even though nobody in my immediate family is Christian anymore. So we basically just celebrate so my mom feels better and remembers her mom.

But as for plans, I'm just gonna eat a bunch of food and play a bunch of games. And hopefully be able to hide away from my family.