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Reject humanity, become furry
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Anti-cringe @ LGBTQ rights! in Cringe_Hard
1 up, 13h
What did she say tho
I found this on tik tok bruh in LGBTQ
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This is why I f**king hate tik tok
Has anyone else had/have bad counselors? in LGBTQ
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Bullshit. Your last councilor is bullshit.

I've been in that mentality for the longest f**king time and now I have clinical depression that's going untreated and will for a long time. All because I was told to keep it to myself, and I've slowly started developing other problems.

If anybody even dare try to put you into that mentality you tell them to jump off a f**king bridge.
Blank White Template in LGBTQ
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I don't, I live a different life in my mind, a realistic universe stored in my head. I just mentally go there whenever I feel bad.