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MothIsMothIsMoth (552580)
Joined 2021-01-07
Your local gay imgflip furry artist, amateur character designer. I am very bad at being social in any way
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Tourist here. I'm very bored. in Furries-stream
0 ups, 1h
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I spent 15 minutes scrolling through my gallery of 2631 of memes and landed on this one, always nice to see a tourist
Pls I'll say when I'm done in Furries-stream
0 ups, 13h
can you tell me why your comments were taken?
which one should i do?? in Furries-stream
1 up, 22h
had this problem forever
I'd say if you're just getting into art then do hands. It makes for great practice and you get to flex that you can draw the most awkward part of the body to draw
Cinderaces annoucement temp 0.3 in Furries-stream
0 ups, 1d
1, the other 3 have been done a million times