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Monkey Puppet in fun
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Um no I'm vegetarian and I don't say that
Only a fraction of people will find this funny or get the joke in fun
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i get it! lol. Have an upvote
Reality of BLM Protest Marches and Demonstrations in politics
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Dear Timber1972,

I am blocking you. I was going to put this into letter form but decided to write this my way because 1) Barely anybody writes letters anymore, and 2) I. DON'T. CARE.
Anyways, after giving this some thought I decided to take the high road and just block you and go on with my life. You are not worth my time. I realized that I can not change your racist and ignorant opinions. And you can not change the fact that I don't judge others by the color of their skin. (I also don't go trolling others over the internet for no reason) You can go and reply by making fun of the fact that I am younger than you. You can correct my grammar and spelling all you want too. (It will be a waste of your time because I am not going to look at any more of your comments. But if you want to waste your time, go ahead, be my guest.) It won't change anything. I am not an adult yet. I am going to make those mistakes, but I will not be corrected by some ignorant guy over a meme website.
I don't know what your beliefs are, but I know mine. I will pray for you that someday you'll see the truth. And to also do something productive with your time instead of trolling others over the internet that have opinions that you don't agree with.

Black lives matter,

P.S- You just lost this argument to a teenager. :)