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Fun fact: foox420 is no longer h*rny because archn is now h*rnier
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terraria in terraria
0 ups, 24h
So far he gets more hate as he gives useless knowledge and opens doors at night
Untitled Image in terraria
0 ups, 24h
Same but with pumpking and the horseman’s blade
i usually go full random but if i had to choose i'd do Sol-N-V-Star bc that's the way i memorized the names in terraria
0 ups, 24h
Whichever one is at the dungeon, whichever one is at my desert base, the one in the jungle, then the one in my other desert
The next time I saw him I made a list in my head of several terraria YouTubers in terraria
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I can go in front lines as I am super tanky as a melee user.
Yes in Pokemon_stream
0 ups, 3d
I’m just testing this