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Stand stats in anime_army
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The battle of gravity in anime_army
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The battle of gravity in anime_army
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pretty sure that's not true
The battle of cool haired dudes in anime_army
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Sorry for taking so long to see this. So basically crazy diamond is around building to city block level in attack. This is scaled from jotaro and Star platinum , who can break teeth as hard as diamonds and blow out the side of a school just by punching an enemy in the face. Both of these instances were in jotaro holding back. Now in part 4 jotaro got weaker after continued non use of his stand, if jotaro in part 3 was 100% than part 4 jotaro would be around 85%. And in their first encounter, crazy diamond busted open Star platinum’s guard. Now while jotaro was holding back, it’s still something to notice.

And crazy diamond is around light speed from scaling to jotaro as well. Jotaro kept up with silver chariot, who was able to out pace a literal beam of light mid air. And while jotaro fought chariot, who accidentally released some of his armor which let him move more than doubly fast.

Durability is self explanatory.

Now his restoration is a completely broken ability. He was able to use it to turn someone into a rock, restore an 11 year old from being blown to bits, and even directed energy back into the point it came out from. And he can make projectiles by using his blood inside of a glass heart attracted to his dried blood on Kira’s shirt. He also used his blood like a jet cutter.

That’ll be all for now. And while josuke isn’t nearly as strong as deku, deku can’t see crazy diamond.