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It's ok to be Christian
I would argue that we don't even know how far we are from fully understanding the mathematical/physical principles of the universe - hence why the word "knowledge", in and of itself (when referring to extant things), is defined according to probability, not absolutes. The difference is that religion, by its very nature, claims knowledge where knowledge doesn't exist. Not only that, but it often claims the knowledge as absolute, and even goes to debate science itself - claiming it's not sufficiently descriptive of existence ("as opposed to what?") and "uncertain of itself", as if certainty somehow makes something more true (when in reality it's the exact opposite - uncertainty causes you to stay true to the first principles of actual observable facts and what such perceptions might potentially unveil, as opposed to inventing a bunch of concepts in your head that you then subsequently look for facts to corroborate. Uncertainty is what makes you open-minded about the Cosmos.