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(Just a joke, not actually true haha)
And how do you know that your own soul doesn't need saving, from believing in the wrong God or the wrong interpretation of God? For all we know, you could be the greatest blasphemer, and w**res and philistines may enter heaven before you. That's why atheists (and other non-Abrahamic people) are angry and frustrated at religion. The hubris and sheer stupidity of some (if not most) religious people (most commonly Abrahamists) just blows our mind...
Don't get me wrong, I thought your meme was great (as a meme). It's just that so many people seriously believe in this nonsensical, anti-atheist narrative. As if people who believe in God are somehow safe from the fact that they could be believing in the wrong God, and that that's even worse than atheism (by virtue of the Golden Calf story).