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Watch out!
Same here. Exciting at first then it's like nothing til you hit 50000, then you have to wait for 100000 and the list goes on.
Car Sun Shade Curtain
Or for more REAL purposes like preventing over heating to a vehicle.
Hillary Clinton
She's a liar, a murder, and a traitor. As long as good people stand to oppose her, she'll never be president.
If You Like Your Health Care Plan
After another, and another and another. How long could this go? Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever......
First of all, Trump has not fibbed not to my knowledge anyway so I don't understand what you're getting at. Secondly, Fox shouldn't be in the same group as MSNBC, CNN, ABC,CBS, NBC, PBS, or even BBC. Fox is fair and balanced, the rest are fake news.