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Lightning_the_jot-vaum_hybrid (3300)
Joined 2020-11-22
Hello I’m Lightning and I’m a jotunhel-vaumora hybrid. I post creatures of sonaria stuff
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Discord pings be like in fun
0 ups, 4m
I’m part of that 1%
Random CoS trade realm meme in Roblox
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Hmmmmm I want to buy a glimmer default kerku (Ik I spelled keruku wrong) but I have no space
I wish life would be like this when I play as a carnivore (One that isn’t (semi) aquatic or all terrain) in creatures of sonaria in Roblox
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I usually use ghib and vau when it comes to carnivores that aren’t semi aquatic or all terrain, I also usually use jot when it comes to carnivores that are semi aquatic or all terrain