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He is a very good boy in fun
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Keep doing this. This makes me happy.
When you auto-generate a meme and it actually makes sense. in gaming
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Bruh I play Fortnite and Minecraft a lot. They are both great games.
Boardroom Meeting Suggestion in fun
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So are you saying that white lives don’t matter just as much as black ones do? Yeah I am all for the peaceful protests against racism but are you saying that any other race doesn’t matter right now? Only black lives matter? I know that African Americans have been through a lot in history but no logical person right now is saying that you don’t matter. You are fighting against a few Karens, some cops, and some racist ass dipshits. Black lives matter just as much as white ones. Black life’s = white life’s. Black lives matter TOO.
I know I sure do ;) in fun
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Upvote if you want Dr trayaurus back