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Thank you all so much! The support over the last couple of years has been incredible! in fun
1 up, 3w
It's hard to believe that Iceu. has made it this far. Your memes have always made me laugh and brightened up my day! congratulations on this huge milestone, and keep on meming!
? in fun
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thanks guys, this really helps
? in fun
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Bro I was just looking at memes to cheer me up after my learning that favorite teacher just died...
I dare you to watch tiktok fake disorder cringe in fun
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I hate these people who think that they can be "cool" by faking legitimate things that people have to deal with every day. A few friends of mine actually have depression and it's nothing to joke around about. My other friend is autistic and she's bullied about it every day while she's just minding her own damn business.